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Commercial, Architectural, and Real Estate Photography Services

Architectural and Real Estate photography

There are two distinct styles of photographing a property: both have a purpose and a market, but it is important to understand the differences.

Architectural Photography presents the property in the most appealing way possible, often with a more stylized look and feel.  It uses extensive lighting and post production, and pleasing angles that draw a viewer’s eye into the image with more focus on design, environment, and making every property look extrememly desirable.  It is perfect for showcasing a signature property or building a portfolio for architects, contractors, and designers.  Extremely high quality images that are time-intensive to produce, both on location and in post-production.

Where Architectural Photography is focused on stylized quality, Real Estate Photography  is focused on balanced relation between information and emotional effect; putting emphasis on keeping the images natural and clean.  A high-quality but basic way to showcase a property, where there is more focus on capturing as many images as possible in as short of a timeframe as possible.

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